Friday, 31 May 2013

In Case You Missed It

I have posted this up on my Facebook page but it seems to have been buried in the dross. One of the purposes of beginning a blog was to push myself on a daily or weekly basis to learn and accomplish something new. Learning new things opens new synaptic paths in your brain, which give you confidence but also make it easier to understand new concepts as they are presented.
Doing things in public is a great way to push yourself even further. I have mentioned a few times that I feel so vulnerable out here on the net as if I am walking around with toilet paper hanging out the back of my pants and being the only one who doesn't know. I know that people come across my blog on a daily basis because I can read the stats provided by Blogger and that keeps me going. Hi to you! Step out of your comfort zone and say hi. It's just us really.
So my little horse video is done with a cheap phone app called Stop Motion Studio.

 I made the little horse in ceramic as an exercise in design class when we had to try to fabricate something in ceramic that already existed as a plastic product. The idea was to try to define what made a ceramic product more valuable and functional compared with a cheap and convenient plastic product. There is as much art and design in the mass produced product, which I discovered when trying to replicate it as a hand built piece. It took me hours. I think it has its own charm, maybe a bit like a netsuke (read The Hare with Amber Eyes). It certainly looks more charming on a shelf than a blue plastic horse and has a weight and feel to it that is satisfying in the hand. But horses for courses. I would not give leave to any little person to take my little horsey out in a sandpit to play, and nor would I put a plastic horse in my display shelf.

After my first venture into stop motion I had another go this time with music. I don't know much about copyright on home videos so this music is recorded from a lovely biscuit tin music box I have.

 I have always liked music boxes for their ingenious primitive method of plucking out any tune on a tiny brass wheel. Being a visual person, seeing the brass roll of a music box as a child was one of those ahha moments in understanding the mechanics of music.
The film is an introduction to a series of beakers that I have made based on masking of faces. I don't offer judgement about this practice because it is something I continue to mull over in many contexts. I for instance like to quietly view the world behind my mask
But revealing inch by inch more of myself on this webpage has opened me up to a fuller world.
Here is my cranky little video.
If you cannot view it properly on this page  go to my facebook page
and have a better look. You might even like to like it!

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SHARYN said...

lovely little ladies and lads lolly-gagging loquaciously.
What a novel idea, you made me smile!