Thursday, 2 July 2015

Put on your own oxygen mask first.

Wavy lines, beeps and buzzers, shrouds of blue light, wires threaded through cuffs and stickers , beep beep beep. I find myself making hand movements to prompt words to come into being. Nothing comes. The week has been physical, spiritual, emotional, mechanical, and no words mean anything. The beeps and lines and flickering numbers signify milestones and small physical gestures are read like runes. Threads pull hearts and minds together with a humming tension.

 The heart produces the strongest electro magnetic signal in the human body and can be sensed by other hearts.  Heart cells in a petri dish begin beating together in harmony when a critical mass is reached.

Hands and hand gestures become a new language a conduit for the heart signals.

 If presence is all that is needed to provide the critical mass, I’m yours. The story is ours to weave together later.

The heart says what the tongue cannot