Tuesday, 14 May 2013

Blessing of the Colours

I was a weird little kid I suppose, but there are little habits I had then that I still get pleasure from now in the same childish way.
One of the exciting  excursions we used to take in our 2 tone blue Holden would be a trip into town, maybe to see a visiting ballet such as the Bolshoi. We would be dressed in our best scratchy lace and satin prettiness and impossibly uncomfortable pretty shoes (Is that where we learn it from?) and then because the treat was so expensive and only we 3 girls could participate , my mother would  park down near St Patrick’s cathedral and we would walk the rest of the way into the theatre area for the matinee session.  It would require the obligatory ducking into the cathedral to give thanks for our extreme good fortune.

The most pleasurable part of this was the not the funky  ghost smell of hundreds of people’s body odours clinging forever into the stonework, ( I thought it was the holy dignitaries in their resting places!) but the walk under the flickering light glinting through  the stain glass windows.

To have a stamp of rainbow concentrated on my bare arm or on my face felt like a very powerful and special blessing. It was not a religious zeal or even anything I think would have been countenanced in conversation about that holy place and so I kept the magic feeling to myself.


I keep a crystal  prism on my eastern window and it casts its spectrum in varying stamps across my wall and down the stairwell.

It just makes me happy! It heightens the sense of awareness about a beautiful moment into an extraordinary moment if just for a fleeting time and sometimes I just stand there and get  a rainbow stamp for fun.


And sometimes it helps to cast a positive light on something from the kiln that at first seems to be a bit disappointing!
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