Monday, 25 March 2013

Nifty Photo Booth

I always seem to be walking around the place with something in one hand because I can't let go of one idea before latching onto another. I was in such a state the other day while holding  and contemplating a couple of pieces in my studio when I remembered that I was going to take toilet paper to the upstairs bathroom. Before I forgot for the 10th time I opened the linen cupboard (where we keep the toilet paper stash) put the beakers on a higher shelf and grabbed a couple of toilet rolls to leave on the stairs for my next trip up there. I saw my camera on the stairs which is where I left it when I came in from the garden and proceded back to the studio camera in hand but had to shut the linen closet door which I had failed to do before. There were the beakers and the idea for a photo booth. I had a roll of muslin in there from a sewing project and simply shoved stuff aside on one shelf and covered the bulges with the muslin which made a lovely backdrop.
Lighting changes can be made in Picasa or Photoshop or Gimp as you please. So while some people like to work with one complete idea before the next is started I kind of move in a fluid that sometimes threatens to drown me!
Now I really ought to tidy that closet a bit.

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