Sunday, 24 March 2013

Blue Banded bees

Amegilla  is a solitary native bee with the most audacious turquoise stripes. It puts its whole heart and soul into buzzing so that the vibrating movement of the plant is what draws the eye to the buzz. That is why it is of interest to tomato farmers who might be able to take advantage of its very vigorous movement to pollinate more of the tomatoes in greenhouses.

 I however am interested in it because one has taken up residence in my garden and shares my enthusiasm for a constantly changing blue and mauve landscape scheme so I know it has good taste! Its hearty little buzz makes me laugh with joy when I hear it and it likes clay! What better omen for a potter?! Maybe I should be more concerned that our Melbourne climate has become more like Sydney’s which is why it has found a home in my garden?!!

Blue Striped (bee)kersBlue striped bee


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