Tuesday, 16 April 2013


If you have ever tried to create an abstract image it is extremely difficult to avoid creating a horizon, or creating an organic form which represents a living entity.  The human mind just reads geo references into any images and fills in the gaps because it is trying to make sense to categorise the image. Shortly after that, we form an attachment to the image because it has special resonance for us.
Our minds are constantly seeking patterns ,which is probably why we can constantly observe cloud formations or find faces in linoleum patterns. A fun site that is dedicated to this phenomenon is  http://facesinplaces.blogspot.com.au. On a separate note I think the rise of Asperger’s and spectrum disorder minds may be a boon in future as our world becomes more complex and we seek minds that can find patterns and order out of chaos.

I like this little trio of objects together at the moment.

L . Jo Quirk horizon platter   C. Cathie Phoeda painting acquired at Linden Postcards exhibition   R Kath Wratten vessel

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Anonymous said...

The trio do look good together... Glad you're enjoying the little painting. C.P.